venerdì 12 gennaio 2018



oggi legit coin si puo comprare con bitcoin a 0'5 $ per legitcoin poi domani salgono 0'55 e cosi giorno per giorno fino a 2$

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Legitcoin offers members free Legitcard Mastercard that works at any ATM around the world. With this Legitcard, you can easily withdraw the available Legitcoins in your Legitcoin wallet in real-time conversion rate equivalent.
For example, if 1 Legitcoin is worth 100 dollars, your Legitcard will allow you withdraw 100 dollars cash from an ATM while the equivalent (1 Legitcoin) is removed from your Legitcoin wallet linked to your Legitcard.

You can withdraw Bitcoin, Etherum or any other cryptocurrency with your Legitcard but first, you will have to change the cryptocurrency to Legitcoin at an exchange like Bittrex. Frequent conversion of other crytos to Legitcoin will drive Legitcoin demand through the roof and make sure the coin reaches its target of $70 per Legitcoin in March and soar even higher through the fold of 2018.
New and Legit ICO in the making !!!
Join ICO and get free 5 (LEGIT) worth of $10 here on this link.
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Sign-up lang guys

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