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What is min and max sum for top up?

When entering a sum for top up, if the sum is less or higher than avaliable - an error will be displayed. Minimum top up sum is $1, max is $100000 per transaction.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

Minimum withdrawal sum is $ 10.

Can I use the money earned to re-open a deposit?

You can re-open a deposit instantly after you at least $10 in your account balance.

Are there any limits on money withdrawal?

No, Elect Capital doest't limit money withdrawal. Everything on your account balance can be withdrawn at any moment.

7 important reasons to start making money with Elect Capital

Ability to refund deposit at any timeDeposits can be closed at any time, deposit body will be refunded to you.
Deposit inflation protectionDeposits made in dollars will stay inflation safe.
Depost insurance fund3% of income is refunded to insurance fund.
Official companyCompany business is legal and is responsible under the law.
99% fault tolerance systemA powerful server infrastructure is built in best data centers and provides high reliability.
Fixed interest ratesDue to deposits fixed interest rate, Elect Capital provides clients with an ability to forecast revenues thus protecting from crisis situations.
Personal data protectionData protection is performed by Comodo Security Solutions encription and MyDLP technology.


Hello, finally a 100% secure website with a launch in Italy, with a trader, minimum investment and 100 euro, which makes you 20% a month, but nice to repay your money on the expiration of time, but I am always available Even during profit.
3 years online, has all certifications.
Here if you invest 100 euros for 12 months, which make you 20% per month.
Then you can resume them whenever you want.
20% per month for 12 months with total return on capital.

More info

Registration link

    Test Deposit
    Monthly rate is 6%
    Deposit term is 30 Days
    Early Deposit refund is unavailable
    Legal Agreement and Deposit Insurance
    Test Deposit can be opened only once a year

    Bronze Deposit 
    Monthly rate is 8% 
    Deposit term is 3 Months 
    Deposit refund at the End of the term,total income 24% 
    Legal Agreement and Deposit Insurance,early deposit refund 

    Silver Deposit 
    Monthly rate is 12% 
    Deposit term is 6 Months 
    Total Income 72% 
    Legal Agreement and Deposit Insurance 
    Early Deposit Refund 

    Gold Deposit 
    Monthly rate is 20% 
    Deposit term is 12 Months 
    Deposit Refund at the end of the term 
    Total Income 72% 
    Legal Agreement and Deposit Insurance 
    Early Deposit Refund 

    At the expiration of time or even before during work 
    20% per month for 12 months 
    No Matrix 
    No Scam 
    No HYIP 
    No Revshare 
    9 levels of referal 
    Payments all day 
    Registration link

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